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Dear sir, Already I contact you reg sony v818 vcd problem,you suggest that lens may dirty.Thank you very much for your quick response&suggestions .But after cleaning the lens ,the problem is continue.some english films is running normal,incase Tamil films or Hindy films ,picture is running like slide show,cd Pick up is also too slow.I contact the local technician ,he suggest that motor & sensor unit to be changed.Is it the correct way? Pl give your value suggestions.

-- mayilvel (, March 13, 2001


Dear Friend, Like you I do possess Sony V818 and I experienced the same problem you mentioned. I find that original VCDs run well and quality of picture and sound is pretty good. But when you run pirated VCDs (normally available in Indian market), there is the problem. I thought my system's len may be dirty/weak. So I cleaned and in the process damaged it. Now I changed the len, but problem persists. It seems system does not work well with pirated VCDs. Otherwise, there is no problem.

-- L V Dandekar (, September 28, 2002.

Put the VCD into others player and try it if the problem still consist it means that the problem is comming from the CD not the player.

-- Mantis (, March 26, 2003.

Hi Sir:

My problem is about VCD when i put a disk on the VCD then system does not run, in other words, the VCD displays no disk, help me to solve this problem. hoping for your kind consideration

best regard,


-- Eugene Markjoseph (, May 22, 2003.

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