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Sometimes science forgets the real challange.Making something of beauty from JUNK.....Take what you have in a junkyard and make a truely believable garden. I realize you cannot have flowers or trees but with a little forsight and expertise; I think this could be a really good challange.I ll leave how the judgement of the gardens are to be done; to you but I am sure you can find an expert.Thank you for the opportunity to submit .

-- Cameron White (, March 12, 2001


Considering the many years it takes to build such a thing of subtle beauty, perhaps building an entire Japanese Garden might be right out. A simple tea house, however, might be just the thing for a ten hour build. I'm a little vague on how you'd test one against the other, though. Subject them to earthquakes and typhons? Godzilla? A failing national economic policy? Help me out here!

-- Chip Haynes (, March 16, 2001.

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