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I just wanted to let the mamooth camera fans that there is a coated 42" f13 process lens for sale on eBay. That is probably one huge piece of glass. I'm in no way affiliated with the seller nor I endorse that lens in any way. I'm keeping on eye on ebay and this is the longest lens I've seen so far so I figured this might interest somebody.

-- Sorin Varzaru (svarzaru@bigfoot.com), March 12, 2001


Thanks, but I already got one! I'm still trying to figure what to do with it. I'm pretty much building a camera around it.

Images soon available.

-- Lester (lferdinand@tatesnyderkimsey.com), March 12, 2001.

Hi Sorin,

There are more of them out there than you think. I've had a 42" process lens (1070mm Nikkor APO) for sale in photo.net classifieds for a year or two with no nibbles. Granted, in its effort to be honest my ad--now expired--didn't make the Nikkor sound particulary appealing (e.g., "the size of a can of paint but twice as heavy"), but my sense is that there are more of these lenses than there are people who want them. For "mammoth camera" users, older, lighter lenses originally designed for field work (and modern lenses of similar design) are often more practical than modern process lenses that never were meant to be portable.


-- Micah (micahmarty@aol.com), March 13, 2001.

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