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Hey I was wondering if you could request a counselor?

-- Kailey (, March 12, 2001


I was wondering the exact same thing! If anyokne knows anything at all please tell us!!!!

-- You know me as Ronnie (, March 16, 2001.

Sure you can! And if God agrees, it's sure to work out! :) You can write on your application your request or possibly call, and Lutherhaven will do their best to help you out...but don't forget...there are sooooo many neat-o counselors that you'll want to meet them all if you can! Also, it is hard to to fufill all requests because the staff's scheduales change so often...sometimes causing them to leave camp (gasp!) for awesome day camp or off-site camps or SOMETIMES they are needed in the kitchen or to clean bathrooms for the WHOLE WEEK!!! Blessings :) k

-- Kristin Browne (, March 19, 2001.

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