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I've been receiving a lot of email recently about a problem associated with the digest reposting articles, which results in huge email messages.

I don't operate the forum software which is outsourced by I have no idea what is causing the problem. I have already contacted the maintainers of the software a few times since the problem began.

The software, called "Lusenet" was written by Philip Greenspun, and was a sort of testbed for his web-based collaboration system. Latter, based on his experience with this system, he founded the fast-growing ArsDigita company.

I believe that they take pride in the quality of their software, since their team "includes some of the most capable software engineers in the world". They could probably fix the problem if they get the feeling that enough people care for the service.

I suggest you contact instead of emailing me, and don't forget to mention that the problem occurs with the Large Format Photography forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (, March 12, 2001


I have sent email messages for the 13 days to anyone who would listen. Q-Tuan Luong, you have been the only one that responded and I followed your suggestion. have not yet responded. The only alert that appears to work is the immediate response. I have not been able to get even the daily, weekly or other options to work for well over 2 weeks since I canceled the accumulative daily digest at close to a 1MB level.


-- Chet Kwapisinski (, March 12, 2001.

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