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Maybe someone can help me to fix some issues:

#1: When capturing from the cam tape (Cannon G10, Hi8, PAL, digital TBC), from time to time picture gets 'lighty' and loses sync for a few seconds using both composite or S video. Looks like an adjustment of white level at start, in some shot transitions and some out of focus scenes. Could be because of the Rage Theater chip, because never occured before on tv, vcr or my old Asus V3000 card?

#2: MMC-TV fine adjusting - my card has Tecram tuner (no fine tunning). My cable guys delivers a mix of PAL B & PAL D & Secam and do not comply to one & only standard in term of channel frequencies. Using the 'European Cable' I get all stations except 4 goodies, if try 'China Cable' I catch that 4 but I loose lot others in upper channels. All other selectable standards worked worse. I found in registry under capture\settings\tuner_ex the channels keys with some hex numbers corresponding to frequencies and I have put the values of the 4 stations from 'China' into the 'European', in the corresponding channel with no result.Any better idea?

#3 TV again: each channel has a lot of customization, except that the Standard control is disabled. Is there any solution to make it work in order to select Secam for the french stations? (If I select 'Russian Cable' and autoscan then work, but Secam for all)

#4 TV returns: I've set the channels-to-stations like on my tv, give them names, favorites, etc. Perfect up to favorites scan, when it scans for the channels, not for the associated station. mmm....

All other features work great, including capture in PAL QCIF. Tech.details: AsusMb/Celeron333/48MB/WinMe/ATI AiW Pro 16MB

-- Calin Ardelean (, March 12, 2001


Pls get rid of any ATI products, I am 100%sure it will trouble ur system one or another way... Sometimes with your scanner, videocamera etc.. ALL_IN_WONDER PRO 32MB is royaly screwing me for past 3 months . I lost my money ($199) and time.. Simply ATI products will not work... Try to contact them, then U will really understand how they are screwing u...

-- Aji Paul (, June 18, 2001.

baieti, lasati-o balta, cu scule de genul asta nu se face treaba, celeron 333, si 48mb !!!!???- raspuns: pt o captura buna i-ti trebuie o placa de captura de cel putin 1000$, eu folosesc DV si practic in lumea amatorilor nu are rival, fac homevideo, filmulete filmate de mine cu diverse ocazii si le trec pe miniDVD, adica dvd pe cdrom, si le vad pe un dvd player, care suporta acest format, rezolutia e maxima admisa de stamdardul dvd mpeg2( pt pal 625 linii, ntsc 525 linii), procesarea a 15 minute de film care inseamna aproximativ 3Gb, dureaza 5-6 ore, procesor intel 750Mhz,

-- napoleon (, July 25, 2001.

Ai nevoie de o placa de captura care stie sa faca si NTSC/PAL/SECAM in toate normele. Se numeste Dazzle II si face MPEG2 si codare in orice vrei. Bafta. P.S. - Asa e cum a zis omu' ala dinainte, ai nevoie de un CALCULATOR macar un PIII si macar peste 200 Mb de memorie. Cu cit mai mult cu atit mai bine.Pa.

-- Radu (, January 19, 2002.

Iti trebuie un calculator PIII cel putin dar in ziua de azi poti lua un P4 la pret de cateva sute de dolari! (P4 este la fel de scump sau mai ieftin decat P3! - nu investi in chestii obsolete!) Memoria sa fie de peste 256 (cu 512 cel putin e excelent si perfect cu 1 GB caci poti face un ram drive sa plangi in doua luni dupa HDD-ul frecat la limita!). Cel mai performant si grozav card este ATI A-I-W 8500 DV. Costa cam 300 CAD si este superb. In orice late carduri ori sunt prea sofisticate si scumpe ori prea lipsite de posibilitati si te oftici. Optim e ce iti recomand! Ideea e sa poti capura direct in formatul ce-l vrei decat 7000 de conversii si ore aiurea! Cardul indicat face asta direct. Multa bafta! Flor

-- Flor (, September 20, 2002.

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