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Hi, How much does the Phillips Compact II 8x10 camera weigh? Also, is there a different number for him then is listed in order to get on the list to order this camera? Is this camera really better than the 8x10 Lt Wt. Canham? Thank you.

-- Diane Hanley (, March 11, 2001


Response to phillips 8x10

Diane, I wrote the blurb on the 8x10 Compact II which has run in Photo Techniques magazine's "25 Best" list. The camera weighs about 7.9 lb. There's no special contact number to get on the list for one - just call Dick Phillips at the number he advertises.

It's impossible to make a general statement as to whether it's "better" than the Canham. They're both fine cameras, just *very* different in their design principles, controls, etc. Which to prefer is entirely a matter of personal requirements and taste. Can you be more specific about what you want out of an 8x10 camera, or how you intend to use it?

-- Oren Grad (, March 11, 2001.

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Oren, is the Phillips a horizontal-only camera (you have to use tripod head to tilt the camera 90 degrees to shoot verticals) or does it have a revolving back, as I assume the Canham has?


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-- Simon (, March 12, 2001.

Response to phillips 8x10

The Compact II has a reversible (horizontal-vertical) back; it's Dick Phillips' Explorer series that is horizontal-only.

FYI, you can contact Dick at:

and see a Compact II writeup (in German) with illustrations at:

Although I've never used the 8x10 Canham, I have handled a 5x7 wooden Canham, and believe rigidity of the Compact II has to be much greater. All things considered, it seems one would be hard pressed to improve on Dick's 7.8 pound gem. I use mine on a Gitzo 1325/Arca B-1 combination, and am completely pleased.

-- Sal Santamaura (, March 12, 2001.

Response to phillips 8x10

Seems to have changed - although I don't sprechen non too gut.

-- Sean yates (, March 12, 2001.

Response to phillips 8x10

Thanks Sean. Before posting that URL in the past I've always checked to make sure it was still current. Failed to do so this morning. Murphy's still in control.

-- Sal Santamaura (, March 12, 2001.

Thanks to Sal for jumping in quickly and posting the distinction between the Compact II and the Explorer. For the information of lurkers, the Explorer weighs all of 5.9 lb.!

I'm a big fan of Dick Phillips, and though I'm not currently a user of ultralarge formats, I'm thrilled to see him applying his design principles to the development of a new generation of ultralight yet rigid mega-cameras like his new 8x16...

-- Oren Grad (, March 12, 2001.

Oren, the 5.9 lb. Explorer weight you quoted is for an 8x10. I don't have the information at hand, but Dick is either about to ship or aleady is already shipping an 11x14 version of the Explorer. It should be proportionately light.

-- Sal Santamaura (, March 13, 2001.

I spoke to Dick Phillips last fall just before deadline on my Ultra Large Format article in PHOTO Techniques: the 8x16 should be shipping right now, but the 11x14 was on temporary hold because of worries about film availability. TXT for the 8x16 is in stock and available from Phillips.---

-- Carl Weese (, March 14, 2001.

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