AVI2MPEG: How to get it?

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I found this software at: http://www.mnsi.net/~jschlic1/

I downloaded the ZIP file then unzipped it & it became an .EXE file.

When I clicked it, NOTHING HAPPENED!!

Do I need to go through DOS or something?

Please HELP!!

-- MIKE (mikester_the_mp3_man@yahoo.co.uk), March 10, 2001


Yes, it is probably command line driven.

Put your Avi into the same directory as the AVI2MPEG.exe, open a DOS shell, "cd" to the appropriate directory and type "avi2mpeg filename.avi newfilename.mpg".

You may even be able to "drag" the avi file and "drop" it on to the "AVI2MPEG" exec using Windows Explorer.

-- me (snake_mountain@hotmail.com), March 12, 2001.

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