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I know the vehicle challenge is a popular about a sandrail?? These (from what I've seen) are usually 'bodged' together anyway. There are sure to be dunes somewhere near where there are filming the US version (san fernando valley?? ) to set up an obstacle course or race track of some sort.

-- Tiffany Mietzner (, March 09, 2001


Dunes are fun. Is a sandrail a kind of dunebuggy?

-- Michael (, March 10, 2001.

I have seen both (dune buggy and sandrail) in action, and I am sure that there are differences beside the sand rail having almost more of a cagey (is that a word) look while the dune buggies look like modified VW's(I'm sure someone out there knows infinetly more than I do about these things). I did find a site you may want to look at..has some of the technical specs (although the contestants would I'm sure make up their own ) and some photos.

-- Tiffany Mietzner (, March 10, 2001. didn't post site is

-- Tiffany Mietzner (, March 10, 2001.

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