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OK, the challenge is two fold, so to speak. First the producers have to find white jump-suit type work-clothes for the contestants.

Then those contestants have ten hours to build from scratch a washer and dryer. Which they will be challenged to wash their jump suits in which they have toiled in for ten hours.

The team with the cleanest work suits which aren't torn to bits by their washer and dryer are the winners.

Freshness, as for a sniff test, me thinks not. Not unless some dog were promised copious amounts of liver for doing such dirty work. Remember we are talking Bouser trouser types, with a lest ten good hours worth of soil and what not at that.

Each team has to use the same type washing detergent. Time limit of one hour before the contestants have to put on their washed work clothes, wet, dry or shredded. (Make sure long underware is available just incase the machines eat up valuable areas of the jumpers).

-- Richard James Retey (, March 09, 2001


There's something evil about washing machines. Bad things happen to clothes I put in. Several years ago my wife placed me on permanent laundry probation.

Does this exclude me from the challenge or can receive a handicap like they give in golf?

-- Michael (, March 09, 2001.

Make interesting TV, clean the outfits with the teams in them. Maybe the little $5K camera that went down with the ship could go in with them for the close up shots. I can see the spin cycle now, with the 400 V8 cubes roaring and water flying. Cool idea here. I think that the contest results would be more subjective than decisive though. Also, what would the teams wear while they are washing the outfits? Maybe they could also cobble up scrapheap outfits to wear for washday as part of the challenge? That would be fun and intresting. Could they make their own soap too? We ended up using mayonaise for hand cleaner, and it works on clothes as well. I got chocolate out of a good shirt with it by rubbing it thru from the inside, and the chocolate just lifted off the front. I couldn't find any place near the motel with hand cleaner (GoJo), so I found that the mayo worked about the same, but you need to wash off the vinegar smell with reg soap. It also saved the day at the pumpkin shoot by lubeing both machines. I ended up with the nickname "Capt. Mayo."

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 09, 2001.

OK, one team could have the Maytag Repair Man as their expert.

The teams could either wear long underware while they are washing their work suits or they could do the exercise near some bushes and shrubs.

As for Michael sure there will be a handicap, thats going in you skibbies on international TV if your washing machine eats your clothes.

The washing machine and drier have to be made from scratch, no finding used ones and making them work.

-- Richard James Retey (, March 10, 2001.

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