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Just wondering if any of you know of a good way of sleeving 11x14 negatives? PrintFile make great sleeves, but I don't think they make anything over 8x10. Local art stores don't seem to have acetate or vellum sleeves either. Please help!

-- Colin Seaman (cseaman@igs.net), March 09, 2001


Actually, PrintFile makes them in sizes up to 20x24 (sold in boxes of 100). Details at pfile.com/products - go to "Other Negative Formats" then look up "ProLine sleeves for negs, chromes" under "Sleeving and Glassines."

Don't know of a retailer who stocks 11x14 sleeves (the lab I use for this format sends them back already sleeved) but I'm sure the folks at pfile.com can put you in touch with a dealer. Good luck!


-- Micah (MicahMarty@aol.com), March 09, 2001.

I've got a couple of alternatives for you if you can't find (or don't want to use printfile sleeves). If you want an actual sleeve, you might want to consider what Light Impressions calls a "Fold Lock Sleeve", although all sorts of other catalogs carry these as well. LI doesn't have a neg. sleeve in that size, but they do have a sleeve for an 11x14 print that would probably work. Look for the Mylar D sleeves, this is about the best material for neg. storage. Untreated polypropylene is good too, and is cheaper. You can find sleeves in that stuff too. Pro-Line sleeves are pretty low cost, I've gotten them from Calumet in 1000' rolls (rollfilm) and sheet sizes too. They have an 11x14 top-load sleeve too. This is their website:


There are a few other suppliers as well, like Hollinger, University Products, Conservation Resources Intl., Metal Edge, Gaylord Bros., Archivart etc... The sleeves like this are good because you're not sliding your neg. into the enclosure (no scratch possibilty), they have no chemical additives (slip agents). When you're shopping for an archival sleeve, check out the specs. to see if it passes the Photographic Activity Test (P.A.T.). Good luck.

-- DK Thompson (kthompson@moh.dcr.state.nc.us), March 09, 2001.

Try the Hollinger Corp. at 1-800-634-0491, or Gaylord Brothers @ www.gaylord.com . I know Hollinger has them in Polyester and Polypropylene.

-- Eric N. Blevins (eblevins@moh.dcr.state.nc.us), March 09, 2001.

Try Kleider, Inc. They are Print File distributors and are a really nice company to deal with. Their number is 800-243-1246. Ask and they will send you one of their catalogs. Quite a good list of photo items that you don't find under one roof. Hope that will help you out. Doug

-- Doug Theall (rooster_two@yahoo.com), March 11, 2001.

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