This song is for all of us after the wait... : LUSENET : Junkyard Wars : One Thread

Build it, in just one day...To some it is work, to us child's play...Find it, it's just what we need...learn how to weld it, or hand me that I'll be grubby, tomorrow a prince...I'm gonna ride what we built 'til I hit that fence!

-- Dan Denney (, March 08, 2001


Is it too hard or too stupid?

-- Dan Denney (, March 09, 2001.

Hmm... I'm stumped. Hey, for a moment there you got my mind off the wait. Thanks Dan!

I'm still stumped though.

-- Michael (, March 09, 2001.

Hint: I matches ALL of us!

-- Dan Denney (, March 09, 2001.

I wanna be around to pick up the pieces !!!!!


-- JustJay (, March 09, 2001.

Allllll Aboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Dan Denney (, March 11, 2001.

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