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jump back,cut it down bring that axle to the ground,weld it up lets go for broke,watch the other team go up in smoke.battle on,battle on.are teams insane oh second chance,no look back glance,were going to kick that a--. just somehting to pass the time,who knows this one? casey(the test tank babies)

-- casey (the test tank babies) (, March 08, 2001


Rock of Ages (Def Leppard)?

-- Caroline (, March 08, 2001.

I was sure I had it! Now I've been waiting all day to see the right answer, and no one has guessed it. Come on, people, help me out!

-- Caroline (, March 08, 2001.

Have you been listening to "Kansas" while you are waiting?

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 08, 2001.

Oh no! I'm not a Kansas fan!

-- Caroline (, March 09, 2001.

Caroline...I think you're right...If not, I need a hint because that song keeps rolling through my head now...

-- Dan Denney (, March 11, 2001.

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