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Why are so many people knocking Battle Bots? I've been into the mechanics of things all my life, which is most of my 58 years, and to this day, I truly enjoy seeing the end results of ANY competition, display, of Man and Machine together. To understand the blood sweat and tears, (not to mention money) that have gone into someone's dream creation, and see it accomplish the task it was designed for is the ultimate thrill, and i enjoy that to the max. I can appreciate the thought, determination and imagination gone into that creation whatever they call it. A machine created by man to do man's work is truly a work of art, and the artist deserves your attention !

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001


Sometimes the "dream cremation" isn't good, regardless of the engineering. If you can't see the difference between design and purpose, well, I won't mention the 2nd world war because you're too young to remember it.

-- Uncle Orange (, March 08, 2001.

Uncle Orange is it? First off sir, we have never met, you haven't the slightest idea of my lifes experiences or knowledge, and until you climb down off of that mountain of self pitty about the WW2 and get back down to earth, you never will ! Need I go on about those less fortunate ones that are no longer with us nor able to do the same complaining that you are doing right now? Please, have a little respect for people ! Your'e talking apples vs "Oranges" (no pun intended) when you say sometimes a machine turns out "not so good". The machine did not turn out bad, "the designer made it bad". The machine did exactly what it was "designed to do". If it did badly, it was the designers fault ! ! Do you see the difference? Non the less it was created by a (man) and it works, maybe not to (his) expectations, but is that the fault of the machine? It is a creation thought of by a (man), designed by a (man),built by a (man), therefore it is a beautiful thing, (good or bad), and it is up to the (man) to right the wrong the (man)did to this machine ! ! ! Don't blame the machine for doing what the (man) "taught it to do"' Lastly Sir, YOU most likely would not even exist today if were not for machines of one sort or another, so lighten up and have a great day on that "machine you are using as we speak". Yours truly.......Bondo Bill

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001.

To avoid the flames, but still answer the question:

BattleBots already exists. Why duplicate it with a few wrinkles? I see JYW as being very competitive, but avoiding intentional destruction. I think it is great to have things that are big, noisy, powerfull, but not destructive.

Growing up I loved big powerfull, fast, noisy machines. My choice machines were military aircraft. I think it is great that you can have the same principals shown without the implied violence.

For the same reasons, I don't like boxing.

-- Michael (Canadian P.Eng.) (, March 08, 2001.

Michael, I agree, I also love old military aircraft(being an old Air Force mechanic)But I have a different outlook on the Battlebots. Call it strange or whatever you like, but it depends on how you look at things. You see, I don't look at it as a machine designed to destroy something, rather a machine designed to survive the destruction BY another ! "Don't pick a fight, but don't back down either"! I'm not into boxing either, but I do so love to watch man's mechanical creations (do battle if you will) wheather it be a race car, plane,motor cycle, battlebot, boats, rube goldberg,or JYW, you name it I'll watch it. But for my health I would be out there in the trenches along with the best of them doing what I love to do. Once you get some greas under your nails, you can never get it out, know what I'm saying?

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001.

PS Uncle Orange, I just noticed that you quoted me as saying.."dream CREMATION". Does this reflect where your attitude lies as I've mentioned earlier or is this a TYPO I hope?

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001.

Like most people here, I also love battlebots...but this is a different show with a different purpose. The purpose of JYW is to build things. The purpose of BB is to destroy them.

Which one do you really want your child to watch?


-- Brian Flynn (, March 08, 2001.

Brian: As I said, I love to watch all types of machines perform, and yes I realize the intent of JYW. However , there-in lies the very reason I like to watch all, There differences ! The machine doesn't know why it was built, that's all on the builder! However the machines perform marvelously for their intended design ! What's not to like for my kids to watch? Two pieces of complex metal, wires, and wheels, Not Blood and Gore ! Think of the possabilities, Say these machines (or others like it) were sent on ahead to a far off planet to discover raw matierials for man to survive on...and some other country (or civilization?) sent their robot there first to prevent us from doing what we gotta do? Maybey our robot will have to defend itself? Stretch?.......maybey ... maybey not? Dream my man .....Dream ! ! ! If you don't dream, you're dead ! ! ! Also, fear not , Battlebot owners have to BUILD their machines too, as do JYW, although for different purposes, the pure genius of it enthralls me. Besides , how BORRING would it be if both shows did the same thing? Thanks for your response

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001.


Battlebots and JYW's will never mix...

Killer robots that are the size of trucks will not be recieved well by the general public. What you are suggesting is what is close to REAL weapons building.

JYW's would come under considerable controversy.

I think the JYW's/Battlebot thing should die...

-- Dan Denney (, March 08, 2001.

Dan, I agree, all I'm saying is I enjoy watching any well crafted piece of engineering, regardless of it's intended purpose !

-- Bill Mercier (, March 08, 2001.

The air cannon that the "Rusty Juveniles" built for pumpkin launching was a "weapon" in Britan, and had to be disassembled and carried to a military testing ground for the contest part of the show. I think that the main difference in JYW's and BB's is that with BB's, the contestants have plenty of time and resources to work with. The JYW teams have only a short time to collect and assemble whatever they think will get the job done. The real battle in JYW's is how quickly and how well the teams can pick the right scraps, and build with what is available. I feel that one of the greatest things that the JYW show does is to show people that you don't have to buy all new materials to make things that work, and that what is scrap isn't necessarily trash. It's a good thing to show the younger generation, as natural resources and places to dispose of trash are rapidly vanishing. It pains me to see all the useful or good things that people throw away that end up in the scrap yards. For example,I bought two like new 1HP electric motors this morning for $5 apiece at one of the places that I shop for scrap. They didn't even have a scratch on the paint on them. Enough on the soap-box! Let JYW be JYW and BB remain BB. Both are great and unique shows, and should stay that way. Waddy, with the "Rusty Juveniles"

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 08, 2001.

Amen W.T. Each show has it's own "uniquness", if you will, as does Race cars, Boats, Planes, BB's etc. I'm not into what any "hidden agenda" some weirdo may have for his or her machine, just the sheer beauty of the creative mind, to be able to turn an idea into a mechanical thing of "Beauty", (optional of course) and see (it) evolve into something "Creative" itself ! I have met so many people in my life that have No mechanical ability at all, (readily admitted) that have been blown away (not literaly) at some of the simplest mechanical creations, only because they could not do this themselves. I was a pretty good bodger in my time, forgot a lot, but could probrably still hold my own in a pinch, and I'm still amazed at the creations some people come up with. Knowing how to create Something from Nothing is a Gift and should be treasured. OK, "Pastor Bill" will step down from the Soap Box now, don't mean to sound so Corny.

-- Bill Mercier (, March 09, 2001.

After all the different posts on BB & JYW's, finally the voices of reason speak...

Thank You!

-- Dan Denney (, March 09, 2001.

You are quite welcome Sir..........Amen.

-- Bill Mercier (, March 09, 2001.

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