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How about this topic for discussion: Is it possible for Camacho's to disagree about a subject and assume there might be some truth to what the other is saying?

-- haroldo (, March 07, 2001


Of course these is, but only if....

Of course its possible to disagree and there might be some truth to what the other is saying, so long as that other person admits that I'm right. There are really only two answers to this. One, I am right. Two, if you think I am wrong, please refer back to answer one. Of course, there is a third answer. We could both be wrong, but that violates answer one, so that isn't right either, unless of course I say so. Basically whatever I say is right, unless I say its wrong. If you say its wrong, then its only wrong if I agree that I'm right that you're wrong. Then again, you might be left-handed, like me, and therefore never right, but nevertheless, always correct. Then, if someone asks me "Les, are you right" I simply reply, "that's correct, I am left handed, you snoveling weasel brain." There is no real reason to include "weasel" in this discussion except that the word "weasel" is quite funny all by itself and doesn't really need a good solid joke foundation. That's right.

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn't, it must be you.

-- blind man (, March 07, 2001.

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