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Was just wondering if Dewalt furnished all the tools used. If so do you have offers of other tool companies to use their brand of tools as well.. Myself I love Dewalt power tools, hav'nt found one yet that did'nt equal or pass other brands. Thanks.

-- Mitch Reeser (, March 07, 2001


Channel 4 is a non-commercial Channel (are all like that in britain?). There is effort made to ensure that brand-names don't show up in the shows done for Britain.

Expect it to be a lot different in the US. If I were Dewalt, or some other tool company, I'd be paying big bucks to have the privilege of supplying my newest and best tools to the show -- on the condition that everyone knew who supplied the tools!

-- Michael (Canadian P. Eng.) (, March 08, 2001.

The BBC has (how many?) channels, but since its run 100% by the government they levy a tax on each television to pay for it instead of begging for one or two whole months like the Public Broadcasting System does in the USA. PBS does get some government funding but the stations need more to keep up their equipment and to buy and produce programs. Some PBS stations produce more shows than the big networks. WGBH in Boston, MA is one of the biggest. Their most famous one is "This Old House". I wonder if any of the big ones make enough of syndication of their productions so they don't have to beg the public for money? It gets quite annoying every March having my favorite shows interrupted every few minutes instead of blissfully commercial free like the rest of the year.

-- Gregg Eshelman (, March 08, 2001.

Ok.. thanks for the responses..... was just wondering, and ya'll came up with the same answers that I was thinking.... Come on Tool Co.'s lol tool war ??????????????

-- MLR (, March 09, 2001.

We were quietly encouraged to show off the tools a bit as we worked on our challenge. I think the tool co's give "RDF" some help with getting their tools. We got the job done with what they had, but what we were doing didn't require a lot of power or rechargable tool type work. Most of our challenge was done with torch, chop saw, a little grinding, and welding.

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 09, 2001.

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