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Yesterday, March 6th I wrote a letter in regards to the stale Seattle Sourdough bread that was dated Jan. 3. Seems I read it wrong and clerk agreed it could look like Jan. So don't jump the delivery guy. It does not detract from the fact that my husband bought the bread on the 5th of March and the minute I opened the loaf I said this is stale. It should have been pulled the 3rd, but no, put it on sale at $1.59 and some dumb chump (my husband) will buy it for our garlic bread for dinner. While we are taking the time to bitch, can I ask why we are not getting the good Raisin Nut bread, but something not nearly as good called CINNAMON VANILLA? Also I have asked repeatedly for Rye bread. One time I happened to be there same time as breadman and I asked for Rye and he reached on bottom shelf of his cart and gave me one. I asked if he would continue to carry Rye to Harvest Food and he said yes. I have not found it there since. Only from the bakery, which I did buy twice, once it was good and I told them so and the next it was half baked and raw in middle, so I gave up on that. My friend and I go all the way into Spokane to get the Raisin Nut bread from Costco. As long as we are there we stock up on anything else we need. The bad thing is it is such a large quantity, but if no other choice. I hate to shop out of town. We need our two little stores and I know they can't carry all the things a bigger store can. We have many retirees from all over the country. They have discriminating tastes. They want diverersity in their diet. I sometime think that everything from produce to bread that would go into the dumpster or food bank in larger cities, is sent to small towns because we should be gratefull for any delivery. Most of us can afford to pay a little extra to get the best. Sorry about blaming the delivery guy for the stores wanting to put old stale bread on sale. He should have insisted that the bread be taken away as it would be past shelf date before sale was over. It makes Snyder's look bad. I love the quality of Orowheat, but they will not come to St. Maries, so we have to depend on the 2 or 3 companies that do deliver here. If we can't depend on quality, then we have no choice but to go to Spokane to buy better bread and procuce. I have used outlets that are fresher then the bread we get here. Thank you for bending your ear. Sorry it has taken me so long to say I was mistaken about the date. Oh yes, I do know the difference between stale bread and sourdough. I used to get San Francisco Sour Dough made from the original starter from gold miners. In Calif. Sincerely Lois Tuel

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2001

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