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dear sir I saw your web site for apparent geocentric coordinates of moon(in excel files) and I am very interested in this matter.I'm very happy for this,but I want to details about all planets in this subject.So my purpose is that to see apparent geocentric coordinates of the all planets. On the other hand,what are your more options in the excel files about astronomical ephemeris & horoscoce.In these purpose,what can I do?

Awaiting your Fastest reply & thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Calcutta (INDIA)

-- Ramesh borayara (, March 07, 2001


Mr Borayara

Geocentric positions with an accuracy of a few arcmin for 50 years either side of J2000.0 can be calculated using the methods described at

There is a very accurate online ephemeris at

and software for Windows /Dos can be downloaded from

As regards astrology or the casting of horroscopes, I'm afraid I have no knowledge and less interest in this activity. I hoped I had made it plain that my Web site deals with the real solar system in an approximate way.

Good luck to you.

-- Keith Burnett (, March 07, 2001.

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