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Create a "Jaws of Life" type rescue device to rip the door off a car or other such mock-life saving task. It would be a great, yet, simple way to steer the competitors toward dusting off the hyraulics components in the scrapheap. (Could get a bit dangerous, though.)

-- tBoy (, March 07, 2001


Woooo Weeee . Dangerous isn't the word for this device. I have been present during the use of the actual tool in question and wittnessed the danger mentioned. Problem is, people being in too close proximity to the tool. You're talking some EXtreme pressures to operate this wonderful piece of equipment. When it's not functioning absolutely perfect, it can explode like you would not believe, even just the hydraulic pressures inside the hoses can cause serious or deadly consequenses, let alone flying metal pieces. Not a safe idea for the particpants !

-- Bill Mercier (, March 07, 2001.


I haven't seen the int'l scrapheap challenge grand finale, but the hydraulic car crusher the british team made sounded similarly dangerous, but I suppose they could stand well back of it.

-- tBoy (, March 07, 2001.

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