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I would like to see what kind of twisted machine would spout forth from the minds and hands of the contestants in ten hours that could play a simple tune or be played by the contestants using a pre-chosen tune. I am so enchanted by just the thought of seeing 2 such machines dueling it out that I haven't figured a way to determine the winner. Any suggestions?

-- Tim Beckmeyer (, March 06, 2001


This is what we did for our simple machine explanation for our application.

We built a giant music box that plays Pop Goes the Weasel on pipes.

-- Canadian Hosers (, March 08, 2001.

Tim, I think this sounds like it has alot of potential! What about a steam powered boat with a calliope on it! This way you have your music challenge and a race to determine a winner. I am going to try this in the back yard, but the calliope will have to be air powered as it will be mounted on the (not yet finished) hovercraft.

-- Matthew Beckmeyer (, March 09, 2001.

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