FS-1 External battery pack--Anybody want one?

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I had a fellow tell me he had an external battery pack for FT1 motor. I bought it from him along with a regular used battery pack. I don't really need an external battery pack because it doesn't get that cold here but figured having one would be O.K just for the heck of it. When it arrived today I noticed that it is indeed an external battery pack for FS1. So I either need to buy an FS1 or sell this one. (Or convert it to a paperweight)

So if anyone wants one of these, email me. It came in a real nice yuppie two tone vinyl case and seems in very good shape. $50US plus postage. I have no idea how hard these are to find. BTW, Idaho Camera here in town has a used battery pack for FS1 (not an external one) sitting on their shelf right now for those that need/want one for their FS1 camera. I have no idea what they are asking for it.(208)343-8075.

I called Greg Weber and asked him if he wanted it but he has plenty in his inventory. He suggested I ebay it or try to sell it in this venue.

I'd also be willing to trade this for a remote control for FT1 if anyone has one of those. (Obviously I'd owe some difference)

If nobody wants this I will likely tear it apart and convert it to an FT1 external battery pack with my handy Radioshack solder kit.

David S Smith

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001


Somebody wanted one.

The FS1 external battery pack is heading to it's new home!

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

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