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My 6 year old son, Alexander has asked me to submit his idea to you:

He would like to see the teams try to create mechanical boxing robots which can be operated by remote control or with long extension poles to "box".

His favourite episode to date was the demolition machine. Personally I thought the bombers was the most amazing of all the shows.

We can't wait to see what new challenges will be presented in the new season.

-- Sheelagh Hysenaj (, March 06, 2001


Personally, I think this kid is onto something. He should be applauded for his engenuity (check Spelling). Furthermore, if he is half as smart as I suspect this kid is, he will excell in life like no other. Also, may I add, should he be as sweet as his little sister, that would be a bonus. WITH LOVE Uncle Kass

-- Big Al's Uncle (, July 28, 2001.

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