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I want to install a Digitrax pnp decoder in my Bachmann 2-8-0. Nothing fancy, just a basic decoder. Could anyone tell me if I have to change the light bulb, or is the one in the unit ok as is? Should I use a resistor in line with the bulb and decoder to protect against surge or does the pcb components do this? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Van

-- Van Joncas (, March 06, 2001



you can just connect the wires from your decoder to the pins of the NMRA 8 pin plug and plug it in. The built in circuit board takes care of everything.


-- Dale Gloer (, March 08, 2001.


May I suggest a soundtraxx Plug, and play decoder with sound? All you will have to do is plug the decoder in, and drill many small holes in the coal load, and 1/8 inch holes in the tender under the coal load. The minimal effort will be worth it.

It will make your layout come alive with sound.

-- James Harris (, February 24, 2002.

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