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I have almost finished converting a cloakroom into a darkroom! I'm pleased with the conversion, so far, and have started ordering equipment. I have managed to secure a used LPL 5x4 enlarger kit for a very reasonable price, but I still have a dilemma: I have opted for maximum space for the enlarger/easel and the opposite wall will house my wet bench. Herein lies the difficulty, there is not enough shelf space for 16x12 trays, but I can fit a 16x20 Nova Quad processor in with room to spare. I plan on putting prints (both on fibre and RC paper) through this and into a tray of water (on the shelf underneath) and then transferring the prints to a bathroom to wash in a Nova archival washer. Does anyone foresee any problems with the Nova, I appreciate that I will not see the image "emerge", but apart from this??????? Regards (again) Paul

-- paul owen (, March 06, 2001


Hi Paul

Congratulation to your LPL 4x5! I use also one since 8 years its a good one! About the Nova I owne a Quad for 30x40 cm ( 12x16 inch )prints for fibre and RC and also using it for Cibachrome todays Ilfochrome and it works very well for all it was one of my best investment in my Lab, just buy it! Good light!

-- Armin Seeholzer (, March 06, 2001.

Dear Paul,

You can also take a look over the new FB Nova Processor (, that give you the possibility to have complete control over the development grade of the - in particular - FB prints. I recently bought one and I am very pleased with it.



-- Diego Rigatti (, March 07, 2001.

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