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I am suggesting building a portable welder (AC or DC). I noted that a lot of the time the equipment is breaking down during a challenge. A portable welder would be nice. This is the bases behind this suggestion. I think it could be made from an engine and an electic motor ran in reverse or ganging together a number of auto alternators to get the voltage and amps needed. A challenge would be a welding contest using the units. Your comments...Thanks I enjoy the show alot and will be looking forward to the future ones.

-- Joseph Plankinton (, March 06, 2001


That's a good challenge, if the yard isn't seeded it would be more difficult than it sounds. It takes at least 10 killowatts to power a good stick welder, and I don't think that a wire feed welder (which uses less power) would be easily buildable. A 100 amp automotive alternator puts out about 1.2 killowatts. Using batteries would require some kind of current control, possibly a big starter motor with a brake or some kind of load would work for that.

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 07, 2001.

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