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OK give me pure raw hell if this one has been suggested before, I'm bracing myself.

The Challenge? To build a machine to carry all four contestants in a race, but you can't use wheels or track! Make the course so that a hover craft will be ruled out (a row of rocks should do it).

Will it have to end up being something with feet? Feets get me out of here...LL

-- Richard James Retey (, March 06, 2001


Already done... I think they called it "Walking Machines" or something similar. It was a great show.

-- Max (, March 06, 2001.

You could combine this with the often suggested "tractor pull" idea...

-- Dan Denney (, March 06, 2001.

They have built "walking" machines, but they haven't had a walking machine tug-of-war. Just a thought.

-- Waddy Thompson (, March 07, 2001.

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