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Want to have a manual for making VCD. look at

manuals for vcd with TMPG , Avisynth , Premiere , Flask

i hope it helps you all out there

-- Rob (, March 06, 2001



IS it true that the CURRENT TMPG encoder will only do MPEG2 encoding for a 30 day trial period ONLY?

-- MIKE (, March 17, 2001.

Yeah, its true. But you can get a crack at which will reset the month's limit!! cheers!

-- Xms (, March 17, 2001.

Just delete the registry key in regedit as follows: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\(63902277-xxxx-xxxx) Re run the TMPEG encoder the timing is reset to 30 days for ever !!!!!!

-- joshianant (, June 06, 2001.

Ich habe den Eintrag nicht Für die Trialversion abzuschalten! !

-- Michael (, April 13, 2002.

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