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Contrary to Robert's discription...IT DOES *NOT* BLOW THE TOP OF THE MOTOR OFF!!!

There is a 'well' into which black powder is poured (Goex FFFFg), which is covered with a sticker or tape. THIS is what 'blows off'. (the sticker/tape) For more info, try

btw, the J350 is a nice motor ; ) (episode is in progress here...don't know who won yet.)

and YES, cabbage will work as 'wadding', but cellulose insulation is prefered. NO FIBERGLASS.

-- Mighty Mik (, March 05, 2001


I bet the cabbage packed up inside and jammed or it could've been too loose and not enough pressure built up to pop the nose off. Both rockets were better than the Long Brothers VS Art Attack rockets. :)

-- Gregg Eshelman (, March 06, 2001. failed because the ejection charge didn't fire. Their expert was a wacko.

-- Mighty Mik (, March 06, 2001.

Question: Why would the winning team attach the shock cord to the lower half of the rocket? Also, wouldn't it have made more sense to simply eject the nose (with globe) and float that down ? An EXCELLENT show!

-- Max (, March 06, 2001.

Max, I asked myself the same question. Why save something that was not required? Both teams had parachutes that were too small also.

-- Mark Richter (, March 06, 2001.

what the winners built is a traditional high power rocket. There may have been a rule about ditching the booster, as it could come in ballistic, and otherwise be dangerous. When that happens it's called a seperation...and if you're trying to qualify for one of 3 levels, you get DQ'd.

-- Mighty Mik (, March 06, 2001.

It would have been interesting to see one of the two teams attempt to protect the globe without a parachute. Perhaps seperate the rocket, make the top half nose heavy, and protect the globe (located in the rocket tube) fore and aft with foam / bubble wrap. Cheers,

-- Maxel (, March 07, 2001.

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