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I thought I'd try another posting of this. Does anyone have experience with the new orbix mechanism for Arca Swiss cameras that permts near optical axis front tilting and makes the camera triaxial yaw free. I am planing to use it mostly for still life work with lenses from 135 to 210.

Are you an Orbix user? Is it worth the extra dough?

-- David Goldes (, March 05, 2001


David: I have played with Orbix and it is interesting, but I would advise waiting to see what the geared version is like. That version should be shipping by this summer.

-- Glenn Kroeger (, March 06, 2001.

They showed the geared Orbix at PhotoExpo East last fall. Has a nice feel. The downside - $$$$$. If memory serves me, they said the new geared mechanism makes use of much of the mechanics of the existing Orbix so an upgrade should be possible.

-- Larry Huppert (, March 07, 2001.

Larry-- I know this is a speculative question-- but did Arca Swiss say anything about the relative cost of the geared ORBIX vs. manual?? David

-- David Goldes (, March 07, 2001.


They did mention a ballpark, but I don't remember. It was enough that I felt my plain Orbix would continue to serve my needs well enough.

-- Larry Huppert (, March 08, 2001.

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