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I am traveling alot in my work and spend most of my time in Asia. I have always bought VCD movies and looked at them on my portable computer. Looked at 3-4 movies every week and throwed them in the garbage or gave them away when I was finished with them. I thought I was very smart when I went to a VCD rental shop and rented 5 vcd movies to put on my harddrive to watch when I had the time. On every single film I was not able to access disc nr.2 ????

Is there an copy-protection that makes it impossible to watch rental VCD's on a computer ? Is there any way around this problem ?

Fredrik. Movie lover.

-- Fredrik Jensen (, March 05, 2001


i use vcdgear to convert the .dat file to mpeg and play it to powerdvd on my pc

-- poy (, March 09, 2001.

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