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Our application for the UK show was unsucessful but i'd be interested to know what other people did as an application even if like us you carn't put the video on the web: We built a 8foot by 4foot bourbon pressure guage using 10 foot of fire hose pipe which was curled up lying across two pallets, we had one end attached to the shop air supply nad the other end was plugged. Attached to the plugged end was a bicycle chain which was wound round a bike pedal sprocket and welded onto one of the sprocket teeth. The sprocket could freely rotate but the pedalwas held under a little tension by a bungee cord. Attached to the top of the sprocket was a big pointer. When the air was let in the hose it tried to striaghten out and pulled the chain pulling the sprocket round and moving the pointer, when air was released the bungee pulled the sprocket back round returning the pointer to zero. It worked a treat and having a bit more time we could have calibrated it (we had about 2 lunch hours)

Well theres alwasy next year..


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