13 lucky challenge ideas

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1. A device that will transport a heavy weight (such as 2 tons) a designated distance without damaging the traveling surface. 2. A still that will purify a given quantity of liquid mixture. 3. A powder mixer that will blend 2 or more elements in the shortest time. 4.Bumper cars that can drive their opponents off the track. 5.Gravel graders that can evenly distribute a given quantity of material in the shortest time. 6.A refrigeration device that lowers the temperature of a given quantity of liquid the most. 7.A gas engine-powered high pressure washer that must remove graffiti. 8.A mechanical shaker/sieve that separates two or more particle sizes. 9.A centrifuge that will retrieve particulate from a slurry 10.An extruder that will produce the longest,continuous string of material 11.A heat exchanger that will raise or lower the temperature of a bucketful (at it's exit) of liquid starting at room temperature and changing by the most degrees. 12.A steamboat/riverboat that will travel the furthest with a designated quantity of fuel 13.A mechanical water wave maker that produces the highest average wave.

-- Andrew Vietinghoff (VietingAM@aol.com), March 05, 2001


The heat exchanger ideas look devilish--but they would make for some fun science.

-- Michael (mdbeckmeyer@aol.com), March 05, 2001.

#6 & #11 are right up our alley,as we are cooling sys. & auto a/c tech's. so these sound good to us. the guys are saying there going to build them,so i better get out there. see ya,casey

-- casey(the test tank babies) (finishrad@aol.com), March 05, 2001.

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