Ulead video studio 5.0 trial and directx 8.0a

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Please can someone help....i was happily making my vcd's using Ulead Video Studio 4.0-then i seen the Ulead Video Studio 5.0 trial so i gave it a look and i loaded directx 8.0a onto my system(i had directx 7.0a before) -anyway after i had finished looking at this Ulead Video Studio 5.0 trial i decided to uninstall it-bottom line is after this my Ulead Video Studio 4.0 does not work now.

i had to leave the directx 8.0a on my sytem but everything else works fine.

anyway back to the Ulead Video Studio 4.0 problem-it works fine apart from playback of the wav files you can see the clips you have added but can't hear the wav files along with them until after you have saved the project and viewed it outside of Ulead Video Studio 4.0 in a programme such as windows media player 7.0.

please can some one advise me what has happened?


-- Melinda Matre (mel_linda@hotmail.com), March 04, 2001


It sounds like some of the New DirectX 8.0 features are not compatible with the old DirectX 7.0. There are some utilities on the net that will let you uninstall DirectX 8.0. You can then put the DirectX 7.0 Back on and things should work correctly.

Out of curiosity, Why did you remove VideoStudio 5.0?

-- Dwayne (ddilbeck@yahoo.com), March 23, 2001.

Hi Melinda, I also have a Ulead studio 4.0, and I'm doing fine, infact i had all my family video loaded to my vcd. In order for you to work again to your ulead 4.0. try to remove the old folder, try to delete all ulead info. then reboot it first then install, I had thesame problem before. So rigth now I'm looking forward to try ulead5.0. Did your try it already, and how was it. pls. responce

-- Robert T. Recolaso (hanako@ite.net), May 08, 2001.

ulead version 5 is awesome better than any version...i use this often editing pictures and movies

-- neroboy (neroboy73@hotmail.com), May 08, 2001.

Hey did you resolve this issue yet? You didn't mention whether or not you had audio when viewing this in media player, if not I think an audio codec may have been wiped out somewhere along the line. The other person who suggested a clean reinstall of Ulead 4.0 gets my vote to try first. Why won't it let you unistall directx 8? Windows is not going to give up a more current driver voluntarly, that's why it won't put directx 7.0 back on during the reinstall. Good luck

-- chris (mchris17@uswest.net), December 18, 2001.

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