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As-salaamu alaikum. I have payed zakat on my personal jewellery for years.

however I have had some doubts about whether this was necessary as some of my Muslim friends are convinced it is not.

finally I found some hadith (2) from a collection by Malik in an on-line hadith collection that supported the position of not paying on women's personal jewellery.

I have however noted that more than one published guide re: calculation of zakat suggests that women's personal jewellery should be included.

For which position is the evidence clearer and stronger on the basis of the prophet's (pbuh) teachings and the practice he enforced upon the community during his lifetime. Is there any argument with a Quranic basis?

Look forward to your responses, Jazak Allah,

Amanda Jones

-- Amanda Gabrielle Jones (, March 04, 2001


In my opinion Women has to pay zakat even on her personal jewellery.I have seen a hadhith in Bokhari that when prophet saw a lady with bangles in her hands(her personel jewellery) he asked whether she is giving zakat regularly or not.

-- Md.Shahzad (, November 19, 2001.

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