looking for picture of Cathy

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My husband and i FINALLY agree on a short hair cut and it's Cathy's! The only trouble is i need a picture to take to the hair dresser.

Cathy, if you don't mind the admiration and copy of your hairstyle i would greatly appreciate a photo to down load. cjwagner@aristotle.net

ps John and i found time to sit down last year and watch almost every episode together. thank you for giving us such fun (and educational) entertainment. We hope that your hosting crew and guests for side bar will all continue on into the new season.

thank you, Christie

-- Christie Wagner (cjwagner@aristotle.net), March 03, 2001


Start here: http://www.topcath.co.uk/homepage.htm

-- ChanzReed (uncleniblz@aol.com), March 05, 2001.

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