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So Mark, Noel, James, Derek and I met this morning (well, afternoon I guess) and worked out exactly what data will need to be sent from the Game to the Code which drives the simulator, at least in the main loop. We're pretty sure we've thought it all through really clearly, so there should be no more arguing about it, hopefully. Here it is:

linear acceleration vector <ax,ay,az>
rotational acceleration vector <rx,ry,rz>
gravity vector <gx,gy,gx> (for orientation)

These will all be in some floating-pt units. Probably doubles. With just these, it should be able to exactly calculate the desired motion of the simulator. This is not the packet-format... we'll have to add a header or something and provide support for calling other functions on the simulator. But all that can be worked out whenever. Should be easy.

Incidentally, all those vectors are in Player-Space. ie, they are oriented relative to the orientation of the virtual vehicle in the game. And we're using math-type coordinates. +Z is up +X is forward and +Y is to the left of the vehicle. The rotation is done clockwise... James has a diagram. ask him.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001


Ed note: I changed Taylor's post above, so now it makes sense.

Whoopsy! I guess you cant use angle-brackets on this discussion group. Is this HTML? eh? So our 3 parameters are: Linear Acceleration (ax, ay, az)
Rotational Acceleration (rx, ry, rz)
Gravity Vector (gx, gy, gz)

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

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