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The AME Book of Discipline and Doctrine (1996 edition) devotes an entire chapter on Operation Partnership. Inter alia, it states that districts in US shall be partnered with districts overseas, etc. I want to know whether this project has been succesfully implemented anuwhere in the connection. There are so many churches in Africa that can benefit spiritually and physically wit the "mighty dollar". Just imagine what a 100 US dollar per year may mean to a destitude preacher in a remote village in Africa!! Of what value is the concept of selfhelp for the destitute when the "have's" will not share with the "have-nots". Isn't it time that we free ourselves from this selfhelp concept to a more socialist solidarity concept. These are some of the imbalances in the AME Connection that hurts us. The preface to our eucharist (holy communion) ritual has the biblical quotation from 1 John 3:17. What do you have to say about this? Any comment on how we can really implement partnership in the total connection? If you are looking for a partner church in Namibia, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001


Rev. Hanse you have answered our prayer request! We had been praying for a mission project. And now thanks to you we have one. Chist calls us to be his hands his feet. And though our church is new and small in number. I know we will not grow if we do not have mission. We are so excited about learning about namibia. And we will be researching and learning about this wonderful country. We seem to always have money for coffee, cookies, potlucks etc. So we will be looking at ways to tithe for our partnership church. Thank you for helping our church grow in Christ. I encourage all of us to adopt a church oversees.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2001

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