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Does anyone out there have any experience using the M terminal for electronic flashes while using the cord to connect, i.e. the T's without the hotshoe. Is there a sync problem to trigger these flashes versus the exposure, or am I okay as long as I stay under 125th? Any input would be appreciated. The reason I ask, is that my T's don't trigger the flash consistently on the X terminal. Thank you, Jefferson Meyer

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001


Flash terminal

Hi Jefferson,

I saw your earlier question, but hoped someone a bit more qualified than me might answer you!

I don't have a T, but do have a T3 (w/M, X & the accessory hot shoe), just haven't used it with flash in a long time! Have you looked at Mike LePard's Photo Blue Book Website? He has some Konica user manuals posted. I know the T3 manual is there, maybe the T. Or maybe the T3 manual is similar enough that it will give you the info you need.

The X sync is intended for flash, the M was for flash bulbs, I believe. I seem to recall there is a bit more delay with the M, normally, as the bulb goes off slower, reaches it's peak output a little later than electronic flash.

So, I would try to get the X terminal to work consistently, if at all possible.

Older cameras were built to work with a higher voltage flash via the X terminal. Some of the older flashes definitely should not be used with current cameras, which can't handle the voltage.

Maybe this works the other way around, too, and there is a mis-match between your camera and a newer, lower voltage flash? I really don't know how to identify each, would recommend a good local repair tech, preferably someone familiar with older cameras (these tend to be in the used & collector stores, I find)

I would also try different sync cords & have the X terminal checked for consistency, may need work, could be as simple as a little corrosion, a loose wire and/or a bad ground. There is a tool, which most camera shops have, to straighten and align the contacts in an X terminal. That simple repair may be all that is needed! (possibly the M terminal is not out of alignement, which is why it works)

In your post, it sounds like you have this problem on more than one camera. Is the same problem occuring when using the same flash on two (or more) different cameras? If so, might be a problem with the flash, or connections at the flash, or the sync cord leading to the flash.

If two similar flashes with two identical sync cords on two similar camaras both exhibit the same kind of fault, I'd be tempted to think there was a compatibility issue.

Also, are you sure the flash is fully charged? I gotta ask because this is the kind of thing I would do!

Flash sync should work at 125th or any speed slower on your camera.

Say, I see those accessory hot shoes on eBay every so often, another solution might be to add one.

You might also get in touch with Greg Weber for information, parts and/or service... he probably knows a lot more about this than me! Look around on this BB or the Konica Users website for his phone, address, email.

Keep us posted!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

Flash terminal

Hi Alan!

I agree with your letter except in one little way - you said that using the M terminal "I seem to recall there is a bit more delay with the M, normally, as the bulb goes off slower, reaches it's peak output a little later than electronic flash" - I think you have that a little backwards. As a bulb DOES start slower and builds to maximum output the M terminal would be ADVANCED rather than DELAYED and I suspect with a VERY short electronic flash duration one MAY find that the shutter is not all the way open yet by the time the flash fires.


-- Anonymous, March 03, 2001

Thanks for the clarification!

Hi Lee,

Thanks for clarifying that... in the deep, dark recesses of the old memory circuits, I knew there was a difference relating to the speed of the lighting type and thus the shutter synch, but wasn't certain which one was which.

I guess I am giving away that I haven't used a whole lot of bulbs in my lifetime! Besides the T3 with it's M sync (never used), I happen to have an old, folding bulb holder that a part of the Leica system my Dad passed along to me, but have never used it... probably should give it a try sometime, if I can find bulbs (I know.... eBay!).


-- Anonymous, March 04, 2001

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