If I can have/purchase some of the things you guys make?

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I was wondering if I could have/purchase (more like have) one of the things that you guys make. The thing that I have in-mind is on the show you aired on February 26 2001. The boat I would like to have/purchase IS NOT THE PONTOON BOAT-LIKE BOAT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE/PURCHASE THE OTHER ONE. If I cannot have/purchase the boat I would like to have a in depthed description and instruction of the planning of the boat. No matter what I would like you to email me the address and phone number of the place/area of TLC whereabouts and the phone number that I can reach the place that I can purchase the video. If my email for some reason does not work I am leaving my address and phone number: 1335 Amberwood Drive, Woodstock, Georgia 30189; 770-516-5239. Thank You for taking time to read and listen and howfully reply to my questions. Thanks again, BYE.

-- John Costil Harris (Third) (jcoolest2000@yahoo.com), March 03, 2001


They recycle the stuff back into the yard. The sale would open up RDF to all sorts of lawsuits when it broke and killed you. The videos are availbe from TLC. Buy a welder and a torch learn to weld and build it yourself. Yours in Scrapage. Stephen

-- Stephen A. Binion (stephenbinion@hotmail.com), March 03, 2001.

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