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This is a question for you LF photographers in Germany and Austria. I live a good deal of the year in Vienna, Austria and have been frustrated with the local "Pro" photographic suppliers (they don't even stock Tri-X in 4x5 any more!). I order occaisionally through Lotus View Camera in Osthermieting, but am looking for other mail-order suppliers with with good selections of B&W film, paper and LF equipment. Ideally, I would like to find a supplier for Tri-X and things I use extensively in the US when I am there, among others, Oriental Seagull papers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Danke im voraus!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


-- Doremus Scudder (, March 03, 2001


Die Tatsache is dass wenn man sich fuer dass grosse Format intressiert dann verlaesst man sich am besten auf die Amerikaner. Ich bin auf Island (Iceland) zu hause und hier gibt es keine Quellen fuer grossen Film oder guten Pappier deshalb bestelle ich alles von B&H oder Calumet aus der USA das geht am schnellstem so und auch am billigstem. In Deutschland gibt es doch eine gute Quelle die ist auch im Internet und heisst aber gans billig sind die nicht. Mit freundlichen Gruessen Gudmundu

-- Gudmundur Ingólfsson (, March 03, 2001.


There is an other possibility in germany: , they have the Tri-X not on stock but they send it to you it just take it longer! You could also try directly by Kodak Germany

Good luck and goo light!

-- Armin Seeholzer (, March 03, 2001. fuer Seagull Papier und andere exotische Fotomaterialien. Schau mal

an und click auf Links. Es ist doch überraschend was man in Deutschland finden kann. ist auch nicht schlecht.


William Levitt

-- William Levitt (, March 03, 2001.

I can understand about your hang up with Tri-X, but I could suggest the new Bergger films, great for pyro or Ilford HP5+, also great with pyro. Also, Lotus has the B+G Bame und Gorohmann sheet film, I have never try them, but they are rated ISO 400 and they will make any size you want them even small order.

Concerning Oriental Seagull paper, you can buy it them through Silverprint in the UK (they are mail order)


Alejandro López de Haro

-- Alejandro López de Haro (, March 06, 2001.

Thanks, Danke schön and Merci beaucoups for all the answers. I now have enough sources to keep me busy ordering for months. Now, if I could only get another credit card.....

Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, March 09, 2001. of Berlin have lots of cheaper films and papers.


-- David Haardt (, June 06, 2001.

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