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I purchased an Arca Swiss universal plate with a 1/4" screw for my B1 ball to mount on my Kodak Master 8x10 camera and discovered that the center mounting screw on the plate is to short to engage the threads on the base of the camera that are slightly recessed. I would assume that I need to contact Arca Swiss to find a longer base plate screw. Anyone have a phone number or a web site or any other solutions to this problem?

Many thanks

-- Michael Kadillak (, March 02, 2001


Any 1/4-20 Screw of a right length can be used. It will probably work better if the thread is "releived" near the neck like your original. That necking down can be done easily on a metal lathe, or by holding the screw in a 1/4" electric drill and using a file.

1/4-20 is a usual hardware store USA size.

-- Steve Grimes (, March 03, 2001.

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