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I'm working on DIY view finders for several LF handmade "box" cameras. The cameras are equipped with 47mm SA, 65mm SA, and 90mm SA. Two are 4x5 and one set up for 8x10. The cameras are focused using the hyperfocal distance and shot without the aid of ground glass or viewfinder.

In developing a view finder it seems there are several choices: (1) use a 4x5/8x10 cut-out one focal length from my eye; (2) buy a used Linhof, Cambo, etc. viewfinder; (3) order a new one from Peter Gowland; (4) get a door viewer; or (5) develop a viewfinder using off-the-shelf optics from Edmund Scientific or other manufacturer.

Has anyone tried the last approach? It seems possible to construct a view finder using a reverse Galilean set-up with a concave lens of negative focal length mounted in from of a magnifier (convex lens of positive focal length). The two lenses would be mounted in some type of tube mount and then masked off to approximate the angle of view for each lens. Any thou

-- Dave Willison (, March 02, 2001


Have you concidered a sports finder? Wire hoop like on a press camera. It seems to work for me. Sure, for 8x10 you'll have to modify the size/ distance, but it works fine enough for the off the cuff stuff I shoot from time to time with my Graflex. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, March 05, 2001.

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