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I have assembled a modest sized Pelican hard case that I use to protect my investment in a 5x7 camera and several lenses for general travel and am looking for a backpack that has a platform upon which to set my case and strap it to for long day hikes.

Many of the conventional external frame packs I am finding do not have such a platform and I know that the Forest Service for one used to use these to carry equipment into the back country. Any ideas?

Many thanks.

-- Michael Kadillak (, March 02, 2001


Check with Campmor at They have the Camp Trails brand Freighter Frame in their catalog for $79.99. Their catalog number is 60077-B.

-- Ken Burns (, March 02, 2001.

Michael, I made a shelf for my $10 garage sale pack frame out of inch and a half by one eighth, inch by one eighth, and three-quarter inch by one eighth aluminum strap from the hardware store. I bent the heavy stuff into a flat-bottomed "U" and attached the ends to the frame with regular frame pins. The small stuff became 45 degree braces pinned to the frame and bolted to the "U". The medium stuff became shelf cross bars with the ends bent 90 degrees and bolted to the "U". It was easy and only cost a few dollars and my packed 8x10 is happy back there.

-- Chauncey Walden (, March 02, 2001.

Chauncey, What did you use to house the 8x10 on the backpack?

-- Bruce Schultz (, March 02, 2001.

Hi Michael, I hear Cabela's has a pack frame that will work for this. Best, David

-- david clark (, March 02, 2001.

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