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What is the best way to address and decrease tension among team members caused by personal attitudes that are not always related to the actual work at hand?

-- Terri Wagner (, March 02, 2001


My first jump into this subject is good leadership.

Unfortunately that probably didn't help. As the leader, you'll need to get the 2 people/groups to communicate. This will involve you in the issues at hand but it can be immensely rewarding. Communications is the key with a good leader/facilitator assisting each to work through or eliminate the issue. I had one issue arise that started being a Discrimination compliant, escalated into a rift amongst the group and ended with the 2 main "leaders" of each group becoming friends. All that needed doing was getting the team to acknowledge that differences are okay and everyone is different and has different needs.

RiverBend Associates does a great Diversity/communications piece. They were helping with the big picture while we were attempting to resolve small group issues. Their number is 978-371-2664.

-- Kelly Thrasher (, May 24, 2001.

When it gets to professional relationships, personality problems are the worst problem you can have to face. People with personality disorders (mostly men) tend to be egocentric and they are law to themselves and to the others. Don't expect you can correct their behavior. If they grew up like that there is nothing you can do to repair their parents' mistakes. If you have to deal with such team members, much can be done by all the other tem members that are more 'ordinary'. They have to put an effort in understanding the feeble and instable psychology of their psycho colleagues and see what the better approach towards them is.

General rule: let them feel the team can do without them pretty easily, let them know that nobody cares about what they have to show/demonstrate. Treat them like children, don't give them responsibilities. Either they 'die' or they will adapt to the team's need.

Best thing to do is: never hire such people.


-- Paul Ramone (, November 27, 2001.

Three 'H'(head, heart and hands) play vital role in human life.To manage the tensions first of take care of Head(mind) by facilitating it with sufficient Oxygen through deep breathing, pranayama and meditation.Then consume more water frequently which will regulate the blood circulation. then do prayer or any spiritual practces to keep your heart emotionally stable . then physical exercise, yoga, out door games, walking, skipping will keep your body also active... good luck

-- Dr.Sudhakar Reddy-K. (, February 16, 2002.

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