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Sidecars: Built like roadracing motorcycle sidecars (sort of?) using only car parts. The front steering wheel, the driver, and the rear driven wheel must be in line. Chair wheel (sidecar wheel) location is free but cannot be powered. Placement of the sidecare wheel is very critical. Drive train could be a frontwheel drive motor and g-box or a VW bug type motor and transaxle. Use only one drive axle to power rear wheel. Weld the opposite side to lock (might go backwards). Better to weld diff locked. Competition could be a tight course, maybe in the dirt. You must carry a passenger (monkey). Sidecars are hard to turn and, even hard to make go straight. I am having fun working this out in my head, but this could be done.

-- John Buddenbaum (, March 02, 2001


Neat! Lets build it scrapheapers.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, March 02, 2001.

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