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sorry wrong address given. I need new ideals to keep my youth envolved

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001


Hello Harriet:

Keeping the spark lit for our youth is truly a duanting task. It will really require a coordinated effort by both the Church School and YPD. First and foremost it is necessary to have church meetings for youth on Friday evenings or Saturday evenings. Youth meetings during the week are counterproductive becuase kids should be home doing homework and spending quality time with parents/guardians. Friday or Saturday do not present such educational conflicts. These are some of the things I would explore:

Recreational Activities -

1. Sports competition 2. Theme park visits 3. picnic/social fellowship/sleepover

Educational Activities -

1. Museum visit/Historic Bldg/Historic Site field trip 2. Recognition for scholastic accomplishment [honor roll, perfect attendance, etc.] 3. College Fair Day

Church Activities - 1. Designate 5th Sunday as Youth Day and put the youth in responsible positions that day 2. Integrate video technology with your Church School and/or Jr. Church programs 3. Let your pastor design a youth "rap" session to discuss pressing issues faced by youth today

I hope this gives you some ideas. QED

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2001

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