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Hi mi name is jeff and junkyard wars is my favorit show and I tap this show every mondayfor my little brother and we both thought it would be realy cool to see a thing that would lay 100ft.of fence thanks jeff/joey harmon

-- Jeffery Albert Harmon JR. (, February 28, 2001


Are you thinking barbed wire fence? If so, the basic idea is to plant some posts. This idea has come up before. The winner would either be the team that planted the most posts in a set amount of time, or the quickest planting of a set number of posts. The first measure would probably be easier for an editor. I say plant, because I think this would give the idea the most appeal. The obvious routes are a driver verses a hole digger. The posts need to be large enough in diameter that a digger would have benefits, but not so large that the driver wouldn't work well. I think the idea has some good points. One is that on a history review, post fences have a strong tie to America. Barb wire broke up the great plains and allowed the West to be settled. LaCross, KS is home to the Barb Wire Museum. I use to live an half hour's drive from there in post rock country.

-- Devin T. Ross (, March 02, 2001.

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