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Hi, I'm gonna brave the dark and try tray processing in PMK (Hutchings). The book ran out in the only place in Canada that seems to sell it, and the bottles came and leaked, burning out any instructions that may have been on bottle A are gone. So, I have the dilutions, but does anyone know how long to tray process a sheet of 125 FP4 in PMK -- can't seem to see an old thread and can't find a link to the big development chart. Thanks Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, February 28, 2001


Hi Dean, The time called for is 10 mmin.@70 f. I have just used PMK twice and I really like it. My contact prints are amzing. Remember to pour the used dev. back in after fixing for two min as well. After years of tossing it it is hard for me to remember to save it and put it back in after fixing! All the best, Mike

-- Mike Pry (, February 28, 2001.

Thanks, but I think I'm missing the fixer thing. Fix normaly then re- soak, or fix for 2 min, dump old developer in fixer and keep on fixing? Thanks


-- Dean Lastoria (, February 28, 2001.

"THE BOOK" The book of Pyro by Gordon Hutchings, page 93 says:

For Ilford FP4 Plus at EI 80 developed at 70degrees, Plus 2 17 min

Plus 1 13 min

Normal 10 min

Minus +1/3 8 min

Minus +1/2 7 min

Minus +1 6 min

After a normal fix time 2-3 mins, return the negative to the developer for two minutes agitating every 30 sec. Next wash for aprox 25 min which will intensify the stain.

This is a fun developer but also a toxic one. It is suggested that you wear gloves such as the yellow platex ones. It will also leave nasty brown stains on your counter tops, sink, floors and do funny things to light colored clothes. If you have any additions questions e-mail me. Happy stains to you...

-- Richard Hil (, February 28, 2001.

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