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Thanks to Popular Photography and Brent Jacobs I have put up over 32 lenses including a lot of Konica lenses with over 130 detailed tests.

It is just amazing how good the Hexanon prime lenses are! They are just as good (and sometimes better) than even Leica, Nikkor and Canon lenses.

Some interesting lenses were a Vivitar VMC 55mm f1.2! Never seen that one before, but its there.

Lenses (such as the 57mm f1.2 Hexanon) were tested at f1.2, f2, f2.8, f4 and f5.6 and in 4 spots: Center, 1/3 Off, 2/3 Off and Far Edge. Really good stuff to look at for us Konica users.

Took me 4 days to re-edit all the stats, and I learned a lot doing it.

Here is the link:


Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001


Thanks for your effort!

Mike; I am sure when I speak for myself, as well as the other readers of this board, a great big THANKS for the effort in putting together the lens lists. This is a great resource for we Konica users and we all just want to say thanks for all your hours. BD

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2001

I'm blushing! Thanks for the complement on The Blue Book.

Hi Bill (and other Konica users here reading this),

Thanks for the great complement, I am happy to make any kind of contribution to the Konica SLR legacy we are currently living. I just put up over 130 tests with Konica lenses and wow, are the Hexanon lenses great!

I really hope Konica will see how popular and well respected their SLRs still are and will make another one very soon. (P.s. If anyone from Konica is reading this, I would love to try out a test/prototype SLR model!)

Enjoy the resource, it will grow all the time and don't forget the other great Konica webpages out there too.

Also, don't just thank me for the resource but everyone here that has contributed Konica items, information and even a monetary donation here and there too! (woohoo), give yourselves a big pat on the back too!

Long live Konica and its users.

Mike LePard The Photography Blue Book web site

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

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