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A variation to the many Vehicle type challenge would be a Sand Dune Buggy. I know this is possible from the many hours (and dollars) spent in my youth. Ah the the olde VW frame, the biggest set of wheels we could fing for the traction tires.....etc.

The Race Course would be each team member taking a turn at driving a Sand course with a mud bogg (marsh) or Riverette) crossing and lots of soft sand.

-- Leon Hixon (, February 28, 2001




-- Richard James Retey (, March 06, 2001.

This is a pretty simple concept

Build a vehicle that can tow, just like a tow truck. Have them lift heavy weights onto high platforms at different locations and rough terrain to slow them down, while all participents are in the vehicle. There are many ways of making the course and the rules. i know i would enjoy this, just like i enjoyed the wreking of the walls.

-- pat plourde (, April 20, 2001.

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